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Kopiken licenses reproduction of published literary, artistic and musical works, as defined by the Kenya Copyright Act 2001. This is reproduction by way of photocopying and similar means (such as digital reproduction). Kopiken is currently pursuing licensing agreements with schools, colleges and universities.

Some of the major highlights at Kopiken include:

  • Kopiken licensed the first copyshop in Kenya in February 2007.
  • The fees collected from the licensing of copy shops in the year 2007 were distributed to all member organizations in April 2008.
  • The Licensing Officers Mr. Christopher Mwangi and Miss Christine Barasa (in 2007) present a certificate to a licensed copy shop owner.
    Photo: Ann Kamoni

  • Kopiken launched a new logo on 29th April 2008 with the Attorney General in attendance, hence giving the organization a new face. Read more here.
  • Kopiken cracks the whip by conducting raids and prosecuting copyright infringers.
  • Kopiken plans to carry out statistical surveys in each of the major sectors where reproduction takes place including in universities and colleges. The surveys will enable Kopiken establish the volumes of copying going on in each sector, and this information will be used to determine how much should be paid by each sector as reproduction fees. Data collected during the surveys will also be used as a basis for distribution of the fees to the rights holder associations.