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Kopiken licenses reprographic reproduction (photocopying and similar means) and digital reproduction of published copyright protected works. This includes the reproduction of books, magazines, newspapers, photographs, illustrations, art work, sheet music etc.

Any institution, organization or photocopy bureau/copyshop is obligated by the relevant copyright laws to take up a copyright works reproduction license with Kopiken - the Reproduction Rights Society of Kenya. This is because not doing so means that the reproduction is unauthorized by the copyright owners (authors and publishers) and is therefore illegal and an offence under the Kenya Copyright Act 2001. The Act lays out penalties for such illegal reproduction, and these include hefty fines, jail terms, damages, injunctions as well as seizure of equipment used to reproduce and the reproductions themselves.

If you fall in any of the above mentioned categories please contact Kopiken.

The Kopiken licence gives students and employees the right to make photocopies, printouts and digital copies without tracing the rightsholders and obtaining their permission.

You may:

  • make photocopies from books, newspapers and magazines, journals etc.
  • scan and digitally store printed material
  • copy and store digital material on Learning Management Systems, on single computers, memory sticks, etc.
  • store and use digital material on screens and digital boards
  • send material by e-mail to students and colleagues at your institution
  • print out from digital material

What you may copy

The licence gives the right to copy from all published material Kenyan or foreign like books, journals, magazines, newspapers etc., as well as Internet content. The license does not cover the copying of audio and audiovisual works, computer software or games, etc.

The extent of reproduction for each student or employee shall be limited to:

15% of a works inclusing Books, Scientific journals, Newspapers, other journals, sheet music. The Kopiken licence covers internal uses only. Reproduction shall not replace, but be a supplement to, the purchase of published material. Kopiken represents copyright holders of published works through 7 member associations. By law or through bilateral agreements with Reproduction Rights Organisations in other countries, Kopken also represents foreign rightsholders.

Kopiken is empowered by its member associations to negotiate and conclude collective agreements on photocopying and digital uses of copyright protected works in all areas of society.

Protecting copyright, promoting creativity!

i) License Fee per Copyshop/per year (as per 1 June 2015):

Categories Amount
3 in 1 small Size Office printer/scanner/copier KSh. 2,000 only
1 to 2 normal size copiers KSh. 4,000 only
3 to 5 normal size copiers KSh. 5,500 only
6 to 10 normal size copiers KSh. 7,500 only
11 and above normal size copiers KSh. 10,500 only

ii) The new licensing system: Quarter System:

  • Licenses issued in February, March & April shall expire on 31st March the following year.
  • Licenses issued in May, June & July shall expire on 30th June the following year.
  • Licenses issued in August, September & October shall expire on 30th September the following year.
  • Licenses issued in November, December & January shall expire on 31st December that year, i.e., licenses for November 2014, December 2014 and January 2015 all expire on 31st December 2015.